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Filmmaker Bio

Ric Aw has been making films that reflect on the human conditions since 2005. Ric’s work is always looking into dark corners, finding the light, addressing the themes of justice, transformation, love and hope. 

He has directed 11 short films and Standing in Still Water (2015, 90 min) is his first feature film that explores the interwoven lives of four damaged individuals, whose collision takes place at a reservoir. He directed That Afternoon We Went to See the Pandas (2014, 20 min) that is an adaptation of Liang Wern Fok’s short story and we enter the world of a China immigrant couple who is finding a home in Singapore. The short film was screened at Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival. He has won Best Short Film Award for Buy Me Love (2005, 15min), Best Script Award for Villain (2013, 20 min) and Best Performance for Silent Girls (2008, 15 min) at different Film Festivals.


In addition to cinema, his work extends to video art installation. In 2011, he presented his video installation, Man of the Forest at Yokohama Triennale, Japan. It investigates the cages of the salary man and possible salvation that is found in nature.


Ric continues his journey to perfect his cinematic language and works hard to make films that give audiences feelings that they have never encountered before.


His accolades as a producer include short films; superDONG that was selected for Cannes Directors’ Fortnight and 7 Letters: Pineapple Town that was selected for Busan International Film Festival and Benjamin’s Last Day at Katong Swimming Complex that won the Best Film, George Lucas Award at Short Shorts Tokyo Film Festival.

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