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Standing in still water

Feature Film

Production Company: The Creative Room

Written and directed by: Ric Aw

Country: Singapore

Year: 2014


STANDING IN STILL WATER reflects the lives of damaged Singaporeans, including a crippled young woman on the road of recovery; a man who sinks a dark secret to the bottom of the reservoir; the tale of a man struggling to recover from the loss of his daughter; and a young father who fails to reach out to his autistic son.

The reservoir, the life giver and life taker, connects these four characters that face loss, death, hope and love. And they are ultimately swept away by unrelenting waves of change.


Words from SGIFF

“A quiet morality piece on relationships and emotional trauma set in modern day Singapore, Standing In Still Water examines the interwoven lives of four damaged individuals, whose interactions take place around a reservoir.

Director Ric Aw lays bare the complex minutiae of marriages and families in his first feature film, aided by some excellent performances from the cast, in particular, Singapore television veteran Teo Boon Seong’s heart rending role as a grieving father.
The poignant narrative of personal tragedy and hope unfolds with finesse, through beautifully shot vignettes that brim with tenderness and emotion.”

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